Our Services
Software Development
You need a custom piece of software? We can program anything from UIs in JavaScript to backends in PHP, Java, Golang or Python.
You need a better CI/CD pipeline?
We can configure and optimize your CI/CD processes with GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Circle CI, Drone and others.
Cloud Consulting
You want to switch to AWS or GCP?
We can help you pick the right cloud platform and help you make the transition to the cloud.
You need to choose the right tools?
We provide consulting for choosing the right open-source tools for your cloud-native projects.
You want to split up large software?
We can help you choose the right microservice patterns and implement an efficient system architecture.
Your team needs help along the way?
We can provide training in DevOps, cloud-native workflows and development via Zoom or in-person.
Start Your Cloud-Native Journey
Contact us to find out how our team can help you transition to the cloud and to modernize your IT infrastructure and development processes.
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