What is Cloud Development?

Cloud Native Development for Cloud Native Applications

Cloud development means not only to run software in the cloud but also to develop it there right from the beginning. With a covexo DevSpace, your dev environment is transferred from your local laptop to the cloud. Every line of code you write will immediately be uploaded to the cloud, so you can run your applications just as on a highly scalable production system.

Works with EVERY Desktop Editor

The covexo DevSpace Manager uses a high performance file watcher to detect changing source code and upload it to the cloud.

No matter what operating system or IDE you are using, it always works like a charm.

Using a DevSpace changes your dev runtime, not your workflow

Coding in the browser is not required with covexo. Although a cloud IDE can be used with covexo, you can also use the desktop editor you love the most. Just install our DevSpace Manager and it will sync all your source code to the cloud. Use your favorite IDE and keep your programming flow as it is. Whenever you save a file, your code will be directly built and executed in the cloud. No effort, no delay.

Your Favorite IDE

Keep your favorite IDE. Use the covexo DevCloud without having to change your everyday work. You can use all the advantages of cloud development while keeping all your favorite and well-known developer tools. This makes switching to covexo as smooth and easy as possible.


DevCloud Manager

All cloud configurations with one tool. Choose the files you want to snyc to your DevSpace, scale your cloud resources, configure Docker images and triggers with just a few clicks. Just install the covexo DevCloudManager on your computer and enjoy all its easy-to-use features. With this powerful tool, you can easily find thousands of ready-to-use cloud environments for your project. Of course, you can modify everything or simply build your own environments to fit the individual needs of you and your team.


The power of the cloud for your development. Instead of wasting resources of your local computer, you can use the computing power of the cloud already for your application and programs under development. However, you don’t have to care for the cloud setup yourself and other cumbersome tasks. The covexo DevSpace automatically builds your code and runs it on the cloud together with all the services you need.


Share Url

See your results directly in the browser. You can see the changes on your code immediately online in every browser. Running in the cloud means that not only you can track what you are doing, but you can also share your progress with teammates, managers and customers, so they can give you easy feedback.


How is a DevSpace different than anything else?


“DevSpaces allow us to quickly build prototypes and run them in the cloud. This is extremely helpful for us because we can easily test new ideas in a realistic setting and get more realistic feedback.”

Christian Schreckenberger, University of Mannheim

Researcher at the Institute for Enterprise Systems


and it's powering your DevSpace

With Docker, every component of your application (database, backend, cache, etc.) runs separately in a so called container. You can scale running containers individually and easily spin up new ones with ready-to-go templates, so called Docker image.


Your DevSpace can run every Docker image. On Dockerhub, there are millions of great images available but you can also create your own with a few clicks. 


No experience with Docker? No problem at all: The covexo DevSpace Manager will allow you to create real cloud native applications with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.