The Cloud Webspace made for Developers

covexo DevSpace

Regular webspaces are great for hosting websites but they are not made for modern web development. DevSpaces provide everything developers need to quickly build applications directly in the cloud.

How is a DevSpace different than anything else?


covexo DevSpace


Console Access

Get full console access without any restrictions. You can execute any Linux command via the shell console provided by the DevSpace Manager.

Regular webspaces do not provide console access at all. Users are limited to file access and cannot modify the underlying system.


Profit from millions of images on Dockerhub. Your DevSpace can run any Docker image whether from Dockerhub or from your own registry. 

Hosting providers might offer a limited amount of templates for running applications. However, they do not give you the freedom to create your own templates or use modern cloud technology.


Scale your DevSpaces both vertically by adding more resources and horizontally by replicating your application with a few clicks.

Webspaces are not cloud-based. If you need more resources, hosters require you to switch packages and do not let you scale as you need it.


Code with your favorite editor and let the covexo DevSpace Manager sync your souce code right to the cloud while you're coding.

Updating a prototype running on a webspace is an entirely manual process that involves manual file transfer via FTP or similar technologies.


Automate your development workflow. Triggers execute console commands automatically, e.g. when a specific type of files is modified.

Regular webspaces do not provide any functionality comparable to triggers. Instead, they require a lot of repetitive, manual work.

“DevSpaces allow us to quickly build prototypes and run them in the cloud. This is extremely helpful for us because we can easily test new ideas in a realistic setting and get more realistic feedback.”

Christian Schreckenberger, University of Mannheim

Researcher at the Institute for Enterprise Systems